Drone Pest Control in the Galapagos

Flying drones being operated in the Galapagos (Source: The Independent, 2019) On two small islands in Ecuador’s Galapagos archipelago, a conservation group has decided to start using drones to exterminate invasive rats. This is done by dropping poison, and this is the first time this has been used in the wild. The operation began on […]

Hotel Bedroom Pests & Rodent Risks

BRITISH PEST CONTROL ASSOCATION/FLICKR Hotel Pests The End of Tenancy Cleaning service in London has surveyed 1,448 British tourists who booked a trip during summer to identify any cleanliness issues they would most likely complain about with regards to their hotel room. The results of this survey found that the majority of Brits feel inclined […]

Leptospirosis (Weil’s Disease) Your Dog and the Risks

What is Leptospirosis and what are the risks? Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that attacks the nervous system and organs. It is particularly associated with rats but is also passed on by mice, cows, pigs and dogs. It is one of those things that people seem to think happens to someone, however it is an […]