Deadly Wasp Stings

The recent news that a pest controller has sadly died as a result of just two wasp stings is an alarming reminder of the potential threat that these tiny flying insects are to both humans and pets such as dogs and cats.

Never attempt to remove or disturb a wasp nest without the appropriate safety clothing and an understanding of the way in which wasps live and protect their nests.  The safest thing is to call a trained pest controller.

At Lincspest we are trained to treat wasps nest in the safest and most efficient way.  If you discover or suspect you have a wasps nest :-

  • Keep children, adults and pets away from the area.
  • If necessary in locations such as schools and other public areas use safety barrier tape to isolate the area.
  • DO NOT be brave or macho and attempt to remove or spray the nest unless you are fully trained to do so.
  • Call your local pest control specialist to deal with the issue.
  • If you have concerns about anyone that has been stung by a wasp or bee get medical advice immediately.
  • If you suspect your dog or cat or any other pet has been stung by a swap or bee call your vet or you can get advice from the blue cross website.

At Lincspest we cover the Lincolnshire area, holding over 20 years experience in the treatment of wasp nests. There is no alternative to taking a considered safe action using the correct protective clothing and equipment. Call us today on 0800 234 3602 – your local pest control company.

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