Silverfish are normally around 5mm long and silvery grey in colour. They are generally found living and breeding in damp cool places which is why are they commonly seen in bathrooms and utility rooms. They tend to come out at night and then disappear again behind skirting boards etc during the daytime.

Silverfish are found outdoors as well, and are commonly found under rocks, paving, bark and leaf mould and even in ant, bird or another animals nests too.

Facts about Silverfish

  • Generally speaking Silverfish are harmless other than the fact that they can carry germs from one area to another such as toilets, kitchens etc.
  • Silverfish can live anywhere from two to eight years of age.
  • The female Silverfish can lay over 100 eggs in it’s lifetime and their eggs hatch within three to six weeks.
  • Silverfish are hardy creatures and can live for many months without food
  • The Silverfish’s diet is varied to say the least! They eat anything from glues on wallpaper, book-bindings, paper, photographs etc to the starch in clothing, cotton, linen, rayon, wheat, flour, cereals, dried meats, leather and even dead insects.

Method of Control

We carry out a thorough assessment enabling us to advise you of the most effective options for the control of Silverfish activity in your particular situation. Period of cover and a guaranteed price are all discussed before the work is carried out.

It is essential that treatments are followed by regular visits at scheduled intervals to monitor the effectiveness of the treatments and to identify any new activity at an early stage.

Using products and methods that are professionally developed and approved our treatments are thorough, taking into account personal requirements such as children, pets, public access and specialist areas such as Commercial catering facilities, care homes, hospitals etc. Treatments come with our unique guarantee of satisfaction

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