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Facts about Woodlice

Surprisingly Woodlice are not an insect and are closely related to the crab. They are one of the few crustacea which have successfully colonised land. There are approximately thirty-five species of woodlice in Britain, all characterised by a body design of flattened overlapping plates and large front antennae. The commonest is the Garden Woodlouse, it is approximately 15mm in length.

Being a crustacea the woodlouse lays up to 150 eggs and when hatched the young proceed to develop by a succession of skin moults to reach full size within one year. They usually move away from their habitat and into houses in search of protection with the onset of cold weather.

Are they dangerous?

Many people find woodlice unpleasant. However, they do not spread disease and their presence does not constitute any risk to health.

What you can do

Regular vacuuming in those rooms which have been ‘invaded’ is the best way of dealing with them indoors. Clear debris and refuse from the garden. If they are persistent call us, we can usually carry out a treatment that will give you good protection against this type of pest.

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