Sanitisation & Disinfection in Lincolnshire

Sanitisation for your home and workplace

The spread of Coronavirus gathers pace and it may well be that the only positive to come from this dangerous virus is the increased awareness of the many risks created when healthy hygiene and cleaning routines are not maintained.

For more information on the Coronavirus pandemic, visit: where you can read the latest info from the Government.

At Lincspest, we are offering a deep disinfectant and sanitisation service to support the recent Coronavirus outbreak. This includes disinfecting your house, floors, office, workplaces and your vehicles. Carrying out this level of deep cleaning and sanitisation will reduce the risk of viruses spreading and help prevent infections. Ensure peace of mind with Lincspest disinfection services. If you’re worried about coronavirus and unsure what type of cleaning and disinfection service you require, call us on 01790 752825 for a free evaluation.

Any type of infectious disease poses a great threat to the health and safety of employees, students and families, putting a home or business at huge risk. So, it is very important that high hygiene standards are maintained on a continual basis to reduce viruses entering and spreading within your home or workplace.

Lincspest are deep clean specialists, equipped with high power pressure steamers, commercial vacuums, heat treatment containers, ULV sprayers and professional sanitisation products for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Holiday Parks and Public and Private Transport.

To help reinstate the high levels of sanitisation required in your home or workplace call us now for a free evaluation or use our contact form to get in touch. Our vehicles are always discreetly un-marked to ensure discretion.

Our deep clean services

  • Professional sanitisation service for your home, business and vehicles
  • Equipped with high power pressure steamers for a deep clean and disinfection
  • Deep floor cleaning using commercial vacuums
  • Thorough disinfection and sanitisation using ULV sprayers
  • Our vehicles are always discreetly unmarked to ensure discretion

Why choose LincsPest?

We are a local family business and experts in what we do, providing both pest control services and disinfection services to ensure your home and business meet appropriate hygiene standards. Attention to detail and guaranteed results are central to our ongoing success and the support of our biologist, environment consultant and Health and Safety consultant ensures we are at the forefront of disinfection and sanitisation services in Lincolnshire.

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