Rodent Cable Damage Protection Treatment

Plastic coated cabling is often very attractive to rodents which naturally chew constantly. We now provide a treatment to help deter Rats Mice and Squirrels from gnawing their way through expensive cables and can also be used on building fabrics such as insulation and timber.


Most homes have expensive computer, alarm, heating and lighting systems meaning that there are a host of plastic coated cables for Rodents to chew at. The failure of electrical circuits that control security systems or communication networks is often the first sign of a rodent problem unfortunately by this time the damage is done so Cable-Protec is the ideal pre-emptive treatment, giving you protection before the event.


Businesses use expensive I.T and communication systems, manufacturing equipment in factories and plant and machinery on building sites, farms etc. Damage can be very costly in terms of both time and repairs. Cable-Protec treatment can reduce the attraction of these areas to Rats, Mice and Squirrels.

Cars Vans Lorries Buses Tractors Plant

Vehicles are often subject to electrical damage by Rats, Mice and even Squirrels, particularly when parked up with a warm engine at night time, the cost of damage caused often resulting in very expensive repair bills running into hundreds or thousands of pounds. Wiring looms and upholstery in Cars, Lorries, Tractors, Buses, Boats etc can be treated with our rodent deterrent products.

About Cable-Protection

This is a newly developed treatment for most types of cable, timbers and other vulnerable fabrics. The treatment leaves items unpleasant when chewed by rodents deterring their gnawing.

A single treatment lasts up to 6 months and we recommend that it is used in conjunction with traditional methods of control such as poisoning and trapping to ensure that rodent control is gained quickly and maintained.

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