Agricultural Pest Control

How our Agricultural Pest Control can help you

Being based in the heart of Lincolnshire means that Agricultural pest control is a key part of our pest control services. As legislation changes farms are required to keep even more records and ensure that only suitably qualified individuals are responsible for implementing pest control and the associated record keeping. At Lincspest we take care of these responsibilities and give you the time to actually get on with farming. We provide pest control for all types of agricultural businesses including pack houses, grain stores, livestock farms, sileage producers and Bio-mass set ups.

  • All Site Visits
  • Risk Assessments
  • COSHH Safety Data
  • Qualifications of Individuals involved in the pest control
  • Bait Point Plans
  • All other records specific to each site.

Sites visits by your Pest Technician should involve the checking of bait points, a visual search for signs of rodent, insect and bird ingression, fly lamps efficiency and Catch tray analysis where appropriate and a follow up of any interim notes made in the site log.

In grain storage areas, the traditional role was once filled by the odd job man or gamekeeper for the baiting of rats and mice but is now all but history and rarely viewed as satisfactory by organisations involved in monitoring operating standards on agricultural premises.

At Lincspest Ltd we are experienced in the standards required to monitor and control pests in locations such as farms and pack-houses as well being experienced in the standards required by BRC Red Tractor and Farm Assured.

At Lincspest we pride ourselves in being the counties best known Mole Control specialists and this is done using traditional trapping methods passed down through the generations. Soil contamination of Silage and Haylage crops caused by Mole activity is costly and traditional trapping methods still produce better results than fumigation using Aluminium Phosphide products such as Phostoxin and Talunex.

As with Mole control many Bird pests such as Magpies, Crows, Geese and Pigeons are best controlled using traditional style traps or shooting.

If you would like to get in touch with Lincspest to discuss how we could help you with your Agricultural Pest Control, call us now on 01790 752 825 or by using our contact form.

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