Mole Catching and Control in Lincolnshire

Traditional Mole catching was the start of our family business and is still a core part of our day to day pest control business at Lincspest Ltd. Over the past 10 years we have come to be known as ‘The Moleman’ by many of our clients. Being featured on T.V. and Radio has also meant an increased awareness of our specialist service for the control of Moles in Lincolnshire.

Many of our clients are householders who are looking for garden mole removal, we always guarantee the clearance of Moles, quickly and discreetly. Mole treatment is followed by regular visits to ensure that full control has been gained and is being maintained.

We carry out mole pest control for many of Lincolnshire’s local authorities on Playing Fields, School Recreation Areas, Golf Clubs, Bowls Clubs, Football Pitches, Churches, Village Community Centres, Air Strips, Garden Centres, Motor Sport Facilities and other Large Sporting Centres.

Changes in Farming have meant that Farm Mole Control has once again become an important service to farmers with grazing land, silage crops and other arable fields affected by Mole activity.

We offer professional mole removal and control services in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas, including Alford, Boston, Horncastle, Lincoln central, Louth, Skegness, Woodhall Spa, Sleaford, Spilsby and Market Rasen.

We always work discreetly using unmarked vehicles. We ensure that you receive regular updates as to the progression of our treatments.

Facts about Moles

Disease – Moles are not known to carry dangerous diseases that may affect humans.

Damage - This includes the obvious damage to lawns however underneath the soil are large areas that are burrowed through, drying out plant roots and eventually the runs may collapse and the lawn sink. Moles will dislodge plants and bulbs, digging around the roots searching for grubs. They are particularly destructive to conifers which often die off once the roots are left dry.

Do Moles Bite? – Very rarely is anyone bitten by a mole, however they do have very sharp teeth and strong jaws so are capable of giving you a painful nip.

Breeding Habits – The female mole gives birth to 3 to 6 young after a gestation period that lasts 4 or 6 weeks. They are born blind and with no hair. After 14 days of life, they begin to grow hair and around 22 days they gain vision and begin to move around more. The female looks after and feeds the young. The male taking no further part in their development. The young moles are suckled by their mother for one month. They reach sexual maturity when they are one year of age. Moles live 3 to 5 years, depending on area, climate and diet.

Methods of Mole Control

We use traditional mole trapping methods and were one of the first members of The Traditional Moles Catchers Register, recognised for our experience in using traditional methods, we regularly have hundreds of traps set. We do not use fumigants or other toxic substances, our many years of experience mean that we always guarantee to successfully clear a Mole infestation, whether they are in sandy gardens next to the beach, a 100 acre field, in heavy clay, around Patios, Lakes or Ponds, we are never beaten, always gaining control quickly, discreetly and professionally.

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